Ted Bill, CEO of Wire Experts Group

“To our valued customers and partners,

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation.  The global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our family, our business, and our way of life.  I wanted to share with you how we are responding at Pelican Wire.

Since the beginning of this pandemic we knew two critical truths.  First, we knew that our most important duty is to our employees.  Without our team of dedicated employee-owners we would not be a business, so their safety and security is paramount.  We have provided training and PPE, adjusted schedules and product plans, encouraged all employees that can work from home to do so, and established policies and practices to ensure that we could keep our team health and safe.

The second truth is that we have a commitment to you and our employees to continue operations.  We know many of you are in critical industries such as medical devices, transportation, military applications, and power infrastructure.  We have been fortunate that our local and state governments have recognized the importance of manufacturing and never required us to close our facility.  We have been operating at full capacity throughout this pandemic, and have no intention of closing or reducing capacity.

We have an amazing team at Pelican Wire.  Our dedicated Employee-Owners have done everything possible to ensure that you continue to receive the high quality wire and cable products that you have come to expect.  I am confident that with the help of science that this pandemic will eventually be behind us.  Until then please keep yourself and your family safe!” -Ted