In an effort to continually improve the workplace environment for all Employee-Owners, the Pelican Wire leadership team recently announced a new, comprehensive ‘Paid Family Leave’ benefit. This expanded paid-leave benefit includes maternity/paternity leave and leave for primary caregivers of immediate family members with a serious health condition requiring full-time care.

Provided at no cost to the employee-owner, this benefit expands beyond Short-Term Disability, which only provides coverage for situations involving a serious health condition of the employee. Amy Foster, Pelican Wire HR Director, says “We are proud to be on the leading-edge of such critical-need benefits. As paid family leave is poised to become the new standard for employers, we want to serve our employee-owners with every possible advantage. In both our Naples, Florida and Loveland, Colorado facilities, we have the opportunity to set a higher standard. Our commitment toward offering a progressive paid family leave policy is in alignment with our ‘WIRED Core Values’, in which ‘I’ represents ‘Innovation’. 

ABOUT PELICAN WIRE: Pelican Wire is an employee-owned manufacturer of application-driven wire solutions in the areas of thermocouple, resistance and custom wire. With specialties in the fine-gauge and high-temperature wire fields, Pelican Wire works globally across multiple industries, offering custom solutions in Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Defense and many other fields. For media inquiries or additional information, please contact Pelican Wire at               (239) 597-8555 or online at .

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