Since 1976, Pelican Wire has been located in Naples, Florida. With decades of experience in planning and preparation for hurricanes, our Safety Team has continued to evolve our ongoing Business Continuity Plan to adapt to any disaster. The Employee-Owners of Pelican Wire are always our highest priority and this COVID-19 outbreak is no different.  The Safety Team has done a tremendous job in raising preventive care awareness and increasing inventory of necessary supplies to assist in combating this virus. 

Other factors which have supported our operations during this time include:
—No critical materials are sourced from China or the Pacific Rim
—Any manufacturing materials originally from Europe have been warehoused in USA for an extended period of time and/or have been in possession of a domestic distributor
—A portion of our Business Continuity Plan provides backup planning for secondary sourcing based on a number of variables, including bacterial concerns. 

Because of those measures taken, as well as the ongoing commitment of all our team members, please be assured Pelican Wire is up & running, with regular manufacturing schedules and a fully-staffed manufacturing crew and support teams. 
Should your company be in need of a domestic-based custom wire manufacturer with an ISO 9001:2015 Certification, please CONTACT US. Our team of Design Engineers are available via videoconference to work directly with you on any wire issues or concerns you may be having. Thank you & please be safe!