Parent Company of Pelican Wire & Rubadue Wire Positioning for Additional Growth

Going into the New Year, Pelican Holdings Group, Inc. is changing its name to Wire Experts Group, Inc effective January 1stWire Experts Group is the new parent company of Pelican Wire, Rubadue Wire, and Precision Resistance Technologies.

“This updated brand for our company better captures the intent to be the solution provider for wire and cable products for our customers.” States Ted Bill, CEO of Wire Experts Group.  “Pelican Wire and Rubadue Wire will continue to be our go-to-market brands; however, this new corporate brand will be our guide as we look to grow our business organically and through acquisition.  We wanted a strong overall brand that speaks to our experience and expertise.  The combined strength of all our Business Units, including Precision Resistance Technologies & Wire Experts Team truly does make us ‘Wire Experts’ and our Employee-Owners work daily to earn the distinction.”

While customers and most suppliers will continue to do business with the Pelican Wire and Rubadue Wire business units as normal, there will be occasional co-branding placement, such as below, to emphasize the overall strength of each business unit as part of a larger team.

One of our goals is to create a platform, a template for doing business, that allows us to take advantage of the best throughout our company and add new businesses quickly when the opportunity arises.” says Ted.  “The phrase I’ve adopted is ‘we are making one plus one equal three’.”

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ABOUT WIRE EXPERTS GROUP:  Wire Experts Group invests in unique and unparalleled capabilities in Wire and Cable industry.  Using a common business platform that allows for its individual brands to be successful in their markets while taking advantage of economies of scale.  Through employee-ownership Wire Experts Group allows its most important stakeholders, its employees directly benefit from the success of the business.

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