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There are currently 13 names in this directory beginning with the letter G.
A coating of some metal part (usually steel or iron) with zinc by dipping or electroplating.

An instrument for detecting or measuring small electrical current.

Gas Out
A hole blown in the jacket of a cable during the extrusion process.

A term used to describe the physical size of a wire. As the AWG number gets smaller, the diameter of the wire gets larger.

One billion hertz (109HZ) equal to 1 KMC (1000 megacycles).

Glass Braid
Used to provide thermal and/or mechanical protection to the underlying insulation of certain types of conductors.

Used primarily as a coating or plating material because of its electrical properties.

A conducting connection between an electrical circuit and the earth or other large conducing body to serve as an earth, thus making a complete electrical circle.

Ground Conductor
A conductor in a transmission cable or line that is grounded.

Ground Insulation
The insulation used between a winding and the magnetic core or other structural parts, usually at ground potential.

Ground Loop
The generation of undesirable current flow within a ground conductor, owing to the circulation currents which originate from a second source of voltage.

Ground Plane
Expanded copper mesh which is laminated into some flat cable constructions as a shield.

Ground Potential
Zero potential with respect to the ground or earth.