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International Annealed Copper Standard

Insulated Cable Engineers Association

Internal Diameter

European Standardization agency; International Electrotechnical Commission.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Ignition Cable
Cable designed for Automotive Ignition Systems.

Impact Strength
Test for ascertaining the punishment a cable configuration can withstand without physical or electrical breakdown, by impacting with a given weight, dropped a given distance in a controlled environment.

The total opposition that a circuit offers to the flow of alternating current or any other varying current at a particular frequency. It is a combination of resistance (R) and reactance (X), measured in ohms.

Impulse Strength
The voltage breakdown of insulation under voltage surges on the order of microseconds in duration.

Impulse Test
An insulation test in which the voltage applied is an impulse voltage of a specified wave shape.

Individual Strand Diameter
The diameter of an individual strand of a stranded wire.

Measured in henries. A property of an electric current by which an electromotive force is induced in it by a variation of current either in the circuit itself or in a neighboring circuit.

Inductive Coupling
Crosstalk resulting from the action of the electromagnetic field of one conductor on the other.

Insulated Conductor
A conductor to which an insulating material has been applied to withstand a predetermined voltage gradient.

Insulated Wire
A conductor of electricity covered with a non-conducting material.

A material having high resistance to the flow of electric current. Often called a dielectric in radio frequency cable.

Insulation Adhesion
The degree of tightness of the insulation over the base conductor (measured in terms of force)

Insulation Crimp
The area of a terminal, splice or contact that has been formed around the insulation of the wire.

Insulation Resistance
The ratio of the applied voltage to the total current between two electrodes in contact with a specific insulation, usually expressed in megohms-M feet.

Insulation Shield
A layer of semi-conducting material or tape applied directly over the insulation of high voltage cables, usually on cables rated at over 5000 volts. In addition to this layer, some cable constructions include a layer of non-magnetic metal overlapping tape or a number of helically applied small wires.

Insulation Thickness
Wall thickness of the applied insulation.

Any undesired electrical signal introduced into a conductor by electrical or electromagnetic means.

Internal Diameter
The diameter of some internal part or composite of an object which in this case would pertain to wire, cable, etc.

Internal Wiring
Electronic wiring which interconnects components, usually within a sealed subsystem.

Voids or valleys between individual strands in a conductor or between insulated conductors in a multiconductor cable.

Ionization Voltage (Corona Level)
The minimum value of falling rms voltage which sustains electrical discharge within the vacuous or gas filled spaces in the cable construction or insulation.

Insulated Power and Cable Engineers Association

TYPE J Thermocouple. Composed of a positive leg which is iron and a negative leg which is approximately 45% nickel - 55% copper.

In insulation, the exposure of the material to high-energy emissions for the purpose of cross linking

Instrument Society of America

International Standards Organization. New England Wire Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.