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Overall Width

See Overall Diameter

Off Center
Conductor displaced within the cross-section of its insulation.

Percentage of a specified gas released during the combustion of insulation or jacketing material.

A unit of electrical resistance defined as the resistance of a circuit with a voltage of one volt and a current flow of one ampere.

Ohm Law’s
The formula V=I x R (voltage equals current multiplied by resistance), used for calculating voltage drop, fault current and other characteristics of an electrical circuit.

Oil Aging
Cable aged in an accelerated manner by placement in an oil bath and heated to a pre-set temperature for a stated time.

Oil Resistance
The ability of a conductor cable insulation or jacket to resist physical degradation caused by exposure to oil.

Operating Temperature
The temperature of the conductor insulation while carrying current, including the effect of ambient temperature and heat generated from the electrical current.

Occupational Safety and Health Act. Specifically the Williams-Steiger law passed in 1970 covering all factors relating to safety in places of employment.

The dissipation of gas from a dielectric, evidencing decomposition.

Overall Diameter (OD)
Finished diameter over wire or cable.

Overcurrent Device
A device such as a circuit breaker of fuse that automatically interrupts the circuit when current (in excess of a given rating), flows through the circuit because of a short circuit, overload or ground fault.

The amount the trailing edge laps over the leading edge of a spiral tape wrap.

The process of uniting a compound with oxygen, usually resulting in an unwanted surface degradation of the material or compound.

Oxygen Index
Percentage of oxygen necessary to support combustion in a gas mixture.

Oxygen-free high conductivity copper (OFHC)
has 99.5% minimum copper content with an average annealed conductivity of 101%.