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There are currently 20 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Magnet Wire
Insulated wire intended for use in windings on motor, transformer and other coils for electromagnetic devices.

Marker Tape
A tape laid parallel to the conductors under the jacket in a cable, imprinted with manufacturer's name and/or specification to which the cable is made.

Marker Thread
A colored thread laid parallel and adjacent to the strand in an insulated conductor which identifies the manufacturer and sometimes the specification to which the wire is made.

A unit for measuring radiation dosage.

A testing device that applies a dc voltage to a conductor and measures the resistance (in millions of ohms) offered by the conductor’s insulation.

Microfarad, one millionth of a farad.

Megahertz; one million cycles per second.

Mineral Insulated (metal sheath) 85°C dry and wet location, 250°C special application.

An instrument used for measuring diameter usually in thousandths of an inch.

A micron is one-millionth of a meter or one twenty-five thousandth of an inch.

0.001" (1/1000 inch) one 1000th of an inch. A unit used in measuring diameter of wire or thickness of an insulation over a conductor.

One one-thousandth of a volt.

Modulus of Elasticity
The ratio of stress to strain in an elastic material.

Moisture Absorption
The amount of moisture, in percentage, that a material will absorb under specified conditions.

Moisture Resistance
The ability of a material to resist absorbing moisture from the air or when immersed in water.

Motor Lead Wire
Wire which connects to the fragile magnet wire found in coils, transformers and stator or field windings.

More than one conductor within a single cable

Simultaneous transmission of two or more messages over the same cable pair.

Mutual Capacitance
Capacitance between two conductors when all other conductors, including ground, are connected together and then regarded as an ignored ground

DuPont trademark for polyester film.